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Stew by Zora Howard

The Tucker women have an important meal to prepare and barely enough time to pull it together—long-simmering hurt and unhealed wounds threaten to make a mess of Mama’s special plan.  Three generations of women must work, listen, and learn together—the next generation depends on it.  A celebration of the special bond between women and family, the hilarious and heartfelt breakout hit from the 2020 Milwaukee Black Theater Festival reveals how the secrets we keep can shape the lives of those closest to us. 

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, Cabot Theatre 

Director: Malkia Stampley 

Featuring: Olivia Dawson, Krystal Drake, Malaina Moore, and Sola Thompson
Stage Management  Martinique M. Barthel
Assistant Stage Management  Josh Hart, Isaac Hopper
Scenic Design  Em Allen
Lighting Design  Colin Gawronski
Sound Design  Zack Berinstein
Costume Design  Austin Winter
Properties Design  Lonnae Hickman


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